Tinkering with Photoshop

Hi again ūüôā

Bit of background – I have never really used Photoshop. In fact, the only thing I know how to do is re-colour things using the colour overlay option for blending layers. However, I do want to learn how to use the Adobe Suite as it seems to be one of those things the industry expects user experience personnel to be proficient in. Today I got tinkering with Photoshop and thought I’d share what I did.

I never intended to end up in Photoshop. Earlier in the week Moo sent an amazing sample of their new tailored business cards where I work and on a lazy Sunday afternoon I found myself browsing their site. I ended up downloading their Photoshop template and set about trying to design a card (which later I ditched in favour of a blog banner).

I started by colouring the background using the paint bucket tool and then created a new layer for some text. I love beautiful typography and get inspiration from Pintrest on a weekly basis, so it was only natural that I was going to grab a font from my board. I wanted an accent font that followed the brush script trend and eventually settled for Beacon. Then I tweaked with the rotation and spacing of the words until I was happy.

Work in progress

Background and accent font

Next I added another layer for my supporting text (another excuse for more typography hunting), and selected the simple Raleway. This is where I then had a ditsy moment, I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t see my text.

I had selected a light grey, which was¬†a different colour than what I had used for the background and positioned it so that it was the¬†top layer, but still I¬†couldn’t see it. I¬†ended up having to¬†ask my partner and he took a look and discovered that it was a simple problem caused by¬†lack of contrast. The grey I had selected was too similar to the background! After pumping up the contrast it was a simple job of aligning once again.

Work in progress

Adding the main font for header and body

That was all relatively simple but I was getting stuck in now so decided to try something else. I really love the gold foil effect at the moment (I blame Pintrest again for that) and hunted around on the net for a tutorial on how to make gold foil typography in Photoshop.

Work in progress - gold foil

Tweaking the gold foil effect

I stumbled across this gem from Dustin Lee and quickly began following his easy steps. However, I hit a stumbling block when my Filter Gallery was greyed out. After a quick Google I changed my colour mode from CMYK to RGB and I was away again.

After using the clipping mask, arranging my layers and final layout tweaks I ended up with this which I turned into a banner for one of my previous posts. I’m still not 100% sure about the placement of the secondary text and will probably tweak it a thousand times more but here it is for now…

Style Guide Banner

Style Guide Part One

I had great fun doing this and it’s definitely made me a lot less apprehensive to tinker around on Photoshop again. As you can see from the featured image I later went on to make a silver foil and am going to use my new skills to design my best friend’s bridal shower invites.

If you have any idea on how to use the Filter Gallery in CMYK mode or any other tips, leave me a comment below!

til next time

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