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Creative meet up – they let me talk

Back in October 2015 the lovely guys at Creative meet invited me down to Chichester to talk about experiences – my experience, your experience, your mum’s experience, the customers experience. Because what’s the point in making all these cool things if we aren’t making things easier?

You can watch my talk here – unfortunately the quality isn’t fantastic so here are the slides.

I had a great time sharing my experience and answering everyone’s questions. Looking forward to doing more talks in the future!

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Reading Short Stay Re-Design Revisited

Re-design: Reading Short Stay Revisited


So I posted my first re-design the other day and showed some fellow UX enthusiasts at uni in search of feedback. This post details their suggestions and my amendments I then made to the design.


  • Remove the circles as bottom navigation is surplus to requirements
  • Change the blue text to gray-scale so it’s easier to read
  • Use Arial font for the main body text as it works better on web
  • Try changing the circular badges on images to triangles or banners
  • Make the logo smaller – it takes up a lot of space!
  • Un-format the text boxes in the form as that sort of stuff doesn’t work in all the browsers (never knew this! #LessonLearnt)
  • Add home page link to navigation bar
  • Consolidate the apartment pages into one page

A lot of this made perfect sense once someone had pointed it out to me and I also learnt some knew things about browser incompatibilities.

Finished product

Armed with feedback I tweaked the designs and this is how it now stands.

Home Page

Reading Short Stay Re-design Revisited: Home Page

Apartments page

Reading Short Stay Re-design Revisited: Apartments page

Testimonials page

Reading Short Stay Re-design Revisited: Testimonials page

Rates page

Reading Short Stay Re-design Revisited: Rates page

Contact us page

Reading Short Stay Re-design Revisited: Contact us page

It’s been great fun doing this re-design and I am definitely learning lots in the process! Follow me to keep up-to-date with my future work.

til next time